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Rick’s Story

Rick”s journey in art, started in college with an art appreciation class that he took as an elective during his freshman year. He was hooked. During free time, he would paint in his dorm room on whatever he could find, walls, doors, and canvas, if he could afford it.  “I’m sure the spiderman mural on the wall in 425 Best Hall is still there, covered in new coats of annual paint.” He sold pieces of art to those that enjoyed the outcomes on canvas as much as he enjoyed painting them.  After college, Rick opted for a career in business consulting and coaching executives in business.

In 1993 he lost the sight in the right eye, a retinal detachment gone bad.  In 2015, Rick had a retinal detachment in the left eye and was facing total blindness. His woodworking and painting took a new direction with his loss of vision. Today, through his paintings, his goal is to show the world how he sees.

He is committed is to raise the awareness of the conditions of blindness, by donating 50% of all profits, from his paintings, to the “Association for the Blind” and other charities.  

He truly wants to bring his work “Out of the Dark.”

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Rick's Style

Rick uses acrylic paints with a heavy, high gloss medium for most of his works.  This technique gives a rich, thick three-dimensional, touchable look to the painting.  He also works in epoxy resins to create a smooth, deep layered finish.  Rick is constantly looking for new ways of expressing the way he sees the world, including working with wood.


Heavy Texture/High Gloss

Paintings you want to touch...

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”Out of the Dark”

 Leffke Fine Art is committed to impact our world in a positive way by by creating fine art in acrylic, resin, and wood mediums. Rick’s passion is to bring awareness to the various conditions of blindness and visual impairments by donating 50% of all profits from each art piece to the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB), Blinded Veterans Association (BVA), and the Foundation Fighting Blindness.

‘’It is my dream to create the opportunity of independence for those with visual impairments.” - Rick Leffke

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